Monday, May 19, 2014

The Inagural Question Of The Day...

Ok, so I'm gonna try something new.

Beginning today and hopefully every day hereafter, I'm going to post what I call, the Question Of The Day.

Now, sometimes it'll be fun, sometimes funny, other times maybe relating to some current event, but I promise never to do two things:

I'll never ask about religion...

And I'll never delve into politics.

Both of those tend to be hot-button issues and this is meant to be a way for you to get to know me and for me to get to know my fans.

So, with that said, here we go.

The Inaugural Question Of The Day Is: *Duh Duh Duh*

Would you do something nice for a perfect stranger, just because they really looked like they could use it?

My answer: You bet.

Just the other day my roommate and I had gone to the store. As we were checking out, I noted a Captain in line in front of me. She really looked like she was having, or had had, a bad day. She was scowling, was very quiet and looked deep in thought. She was toying with her cap, biting at her lip and so on. All the things, that if you're an Author or a people watcher, denotes a level of some sort of anxiety.

As the gentlemen ahead her finished and the Cashier began ringing up the 10 or so items she had, I leaned over to her and in very low voice said, "Pardon me Captain, but would you be terribly offended if I offered to buy your groceries today?"

She looked at me like I'd grown two heads and said, "Are you serious?"

I said, "Yes Ma'am, I am. Soldiers get so little praise that it's the very least I can do to thank you for your service."

By this time, the cashier had finished with her order and before the Captain could even say no, I swiped my card and put her amount in with my stuff yet to be rung up. (Btw, the cashier also looked at me as if I'd grown two heads, but frankly I don't care.)

The Cashier bagged up the soldier's stuff and as she turned to leave, she graced me with a very wide smile and simply said, "Thank you."

I smiled back and said, "No, thank you. I would not happily live in this world without your diligence."

Now, I didn't do it then for any sort of recognition, nor do I tell *you* this story for you to say, "Oh well done."

I did it simply for the fact that she really looked like she could use the "pick me up".

So, what say you my Bloganites? Would you take just five minutes to do something like that?

Answer in a comment below and I might just do something nice again and pick one of you for a swag pack o' stuff! *Duh Duh Duh!*

Thanks as always for stopping by,

Until Tomorrow.

Margaret Taylor

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  1. What a wonderful gesture of appreciation! Any act of kindness we show for someone else can only reflect our good nature. We all hope to be treated the way we treat others.