Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 4 - Question Of The Day...

Day 4...

I bet you thought I forgot about it, didn't cha'...well, I didn't.

So, without further delay, here is today's Question Of The Day. *Duh Duh Duh...*

Ok, let's get just a little serious this time...

Tell me a secret about yourself. It doesn't have to be the earth-shattering news of where you hid the body or anything, but just something that maybe you fear, or even a pet peeve.

And no, don't give me the usual, spiders, creepy crawlies and what not. Something good peeps! (If it worries you to share, just email it to me, and I'll post it anonymously in a comment for you...:D )

My answer:

I am absolutely terrified of drowning.

Now, that's not to say I fear the water. I don't. I'm an Aquarian, I'm half fish. I love the water.

Did you know that I swam professionally when I was younger? Well, I did. My mother used to say she dropped me, accidentally in a pool when I was like 6 months old and instead of flailing around, I ducked my head under the surface and off I went down the pool. Clumsily mind you, but I was still swimming!

I started on a team when I was 5 and didn't quit until I went in the Army at 18. I was no Michael Phelps or anything, but I was half decent (Four time State Champ actually), but the Army replaced my drive for that life.

At 45, I still find time - about once a week or so because of life and what not - to hit the lanes and do some laps.

Because of this background and my love for the water, I'm a very strong swimmer, even today. And that's *why* I fear drowning. I'm so strong in the water, that I should be able to get myself out of whatever situation and I fear the day I can't...

So, that's my secret folks. One of my deepest fears!

Now it's your turn!

Tell me Bloganites, what's your fear...

If I like it, I might just give it to one of my characters in an upcoming WIP and then torture them with it...MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Until next time.

Margaret Taylor

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