Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 9 - Question Of The Day...

Day 9 - Question Of The Day...

Ok, folks, serious research question here! Now, pay attention. Come on now, *snaps fingers* wake up over there!

I need your help, m'kay??

In my current #WIP, To Light A Dragon's Fire, I have two Hero's and Two Heroines. Draven (Dragon), Arin (Chimera) and Lanni and Terra are Human Twin sisters. A spell has been cast over Draven, Lanni and Terra connecting them together (Magically, not physically or anything). Anyway, Arin is just more than a little head over heels for Lanni but because of the spell, she can't return those feelings.

So, Arin wants to go off and get himself plastered and I need a drink! A Fantasy type Goblinale.

Now, here's what I need from you. Make me a drink that will get him Drunk. I mean, so rip-roarin' plastered he can't fly straight! (Btw, he has two forms, the Chimera and a humanoid version).

Tell me its ingredients and the side-effects! Make 'em good now! The best one will get an acknowledgment in the book! And maybe an ARC copy of it before it heads off publishing...

Love you guys! And thanks...:D

PS: I'm only asking because I've been sober for 20+ years and I have no clue what the current, I'm-gonna-fall-flat-on-my-face-from-the-first-sip concoctions are these days!

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