Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 11 - Question Of The Day...

Day 11 - Question Of The Day...

So, I'm not sure exactly when SNL did this skit, but it's hysterical! I've always liked Bruce, I think he's got an excellent sense of humor, so this just tickled me! Enjoy!

Now, here's my question...Do you dance? I mean, are you a really awful twerker? Or can you shake it good enough to win this seasons So You Think You Can Dance???

My answer:

I'm my generations version of Miley Cyrus, twerkin' ON a wrecking ball! Yes, I am *that* bad I promise you.

BUT -- In *my* head, I could SO totally win So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!

(Don't get me wrong, I *love* SYTYCD, I do and I greatly respect all the time, effort and hard work of those who enter and win, but I could do it! Totally! Don't judge me peeples! Leave me to my dream!)

Seriously, two things I wanted to do growing up, Dance and/or drive an 18-wheeler. Yeah, yeah, I know, the silly dreams of kids, right? Well, believe it or not, I did accomplish one of those...I won't tell you which, but given my above statement, I think you can figure it out...ROFL!

So, my Bloganites, what say you...Shake it or do your friends say, "Please, don't *ever* do that again..."

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Until next time.

Margaret Taylor

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