Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 10 - Question Of The Day

Day 9 - Question Of The Day...

So, another serious research question today! What kind of guy do you like as a Hero in your Romances. Are you a fan of Firefighters, Military Hero's, what? Do you like tall, dark and handsome? Or gruff, scruf...f and tattooed?

My answer:

Personally I'm a chest girl. I love a well-defined chest and a nice butt in a tight pair of jeans! Add in cowboy boots and hat and oh yeah...*sighs, fans self*

 Now, that's just for looks. For personality, I prefer to judge by the book, not the image. I love the strong, Alpha male - not the abusive sort mind you - but the kind that will move Heaven and Earth and sometimes Alien Worlds to save his lady!

So, share your fav type of guy! Feel free to post pics too! But, one caveat, keep them clean folks! This is a family page after all...
Thanks as always for stopping by.
Until next time.
Margaret Taylor

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