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To Light The Dragon's Fire - Available Now!

The fingers twisted tighter and her words were thick with emotion. “No!” she said firmly. “I am not leaving you!”
         Draven untangled her grip, splaying her palm over his hearts. “You never will.”
Independent and feisty Terra Heegan is on the verge of sacrificing everything to save her family’s struggling trucking company. But, she wants one last hoorah before settling into a loveless marriage. With her sister, Lanni, Terra takes a trip into the Mountains of Wyoming to explore one of the few places left on Earth where adrenaline and wit are the only things that can keep her out of trouble…

Dragon King, Draven Taraxus, never wanted the crown. Born to a dying breed of Rulers, Draven has sat on the throne for the last 100 years, thanks to his father's impeachment. Boredom and stagnation have left his kingdom, and his heart, ripe for the picking by a power hungry evil that has spent the same amount of time plotting and scheming to take over.

Everything is in place. The pieces have all been set and all Evil needs is one last ingredient to rule everything. The love of a human with fire-red hair and silvery eyes that will…Light The Dragon’s Fire

Sneak Peek

“Tell me more about this Nolan,” he whispered over his shoulder. “Now!” Terra murmured something he couldn’t make out and he added, “Quickly, it might be our only chance.”
“Fine,” she grumbled. “He’s tall, like you, but afraid to get his hands dirty, unlike you.”
That was a start, but his possessive nature needed more. “No! How do you really feel about him?”
She sighed and there was a roll of her eyes in the next words. “He’s a nice guy, ok? A decent sort. But he’s going to expect me to stay home, take care of any children we have and not run the company like I’ve been doing for the last five years…”
The mere thought she might have the child of another man was more than enough to send his emotions spiraling out of control. The once green flames morphed into a bright red and he used that, firing off ball after ball at the vines as they descended. Every hit was true and they shrieked in pain, recoiling back the way they’d come. Sadly, they were only replaced by new ones and before long, thick smoke from their burning tendrils hung in the air, hiding the upper edge of the pit from his sight.
It hadn’t been much of a plan, but maybe the smoke could aid them as well. When he could no longer see Golix and his minions, he spun, gripping Terra’s forearms.
“Do you trust me?”
Indecision twisted across her features. “Maybe?”
He tightened his grip. In order for this to work, there had to be no doubt on her part. “Do you trust me!?”
A muscle in her jaw ticked. “Yes! Fine! Whatever! I trust you!
About Margaret Taylor
Margaret Taylor currently lives in San Antonio, TX and is scratching post for her five cats. She is an avid writer, a novice photographer and enjoys all things paranormal and science fiction! Just ask her, she'll tell you!

Her list of books include:

Wolf's Paradox - Book 1 of The Layren Series (Paranormal Romance)

A First Love Never Dies - Book 1 of The Spi-Corp Series (Sci-Fi Romance)

Saving His Love - Book 2 of The Spi-Corp Series (Sci-Fi Romance)

The Seer - Book 1 of The Shadowcon Series (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance)

All In The Name Of Love (Contemporary Romantic Suspense)

Love's Prophecy (Paranormal Romance)

I Saw Momma Shoot Santa Claus (Paranormal Holiday Romance)
To Light The Dragon's Fire - Book 1 of the Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My! Series

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