Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today's Thoughts

So, something my sister said today, commenting on my intro post, reminded me of a scene I recently wrote.

This comes from Book #7 of my Spi-Corp Series.  It's the book I've been working on lately and it's such an awesome moment, I thought I'd share it...just for kicks.  It's not one that needs a lot of set up, because it's deep in the book, but it will give you an idea of some of the wonderful, wacky, characters you'll meet along the way in the series.

I'll give you a brief bit of background though.  This scene takes place in Sector 5, System 4 on a planet named Fellar.  Brant Olin, Galactic Space Racer and current League Champion has just returned to his homeworld with his Vaska, Lashanda Bloome.  Lash was gravely injured saving his life at the Semi-Finals and he's brought her home to get the best Medical help he can think of.  In this brief snippet, we meet Prime Doctor Nuran, long time friend of the Olin Clan and the one person Brant knows of that might be able to help his love awaken from her coma...


The Med, like most of the buildings on their world, was a combination of tree and metal.  His people had found four of the largest in their city and carved out the interiors to suit their needs.  To supplement that and create more space, they’d used various metals to build hallways and rooms among the thick branches. 
He headed up the main trunk, via a lift and turned into the east branches.  The staffer had said Ena’s father was last seen somewhere up here, so it was the best place to start.  He wound his way along, smiling to a few of the staff, nodding at a couple of his other cousins then turned into the reception area of the upper most branches.
Nuran Olin was as ornery as ever, despite his age and incapacitation.  He heard the man’s bellows long before he actually found him.  “What mean you!  I am still Prime Doctor!”
Nuran was almost 80 rotations and well past the prime of most Felliar’s and sat in a wheeled chair, waving a twisted, gnarled finger.  His coloring, like his daughters, was an undercoat of orange with black and yellow stripes that had whitened at the tips years ago.  His green-black eyes glittered at the younger female standing in front of him.  “Answer!” he bellowed again.
The poor woman had the grace to blush under her fur and slowly shake her black striped head.  Her tail twitched and her ears were flattened against her head, showing respect.  But she stood firm in whatever the argument was and replied in a mostly demure tone.  “I beg pardon Prime Doctor,” she said.  “But you are not allowed the sweets any longer, per the orders of your own hand.”
Nuran snorted, hard and waved dismissively.  “Bah!  Be gone!”
She scurried off and Nuran folded one elbow on the arm of his chair, grumbling and huffing under his breath.
Brant leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest.  “Still a terror on your staff I see.”
Nuran spun the chair around and graced him with a wide smile.  “Ena said you were here!” 
He pushed off the wall and bent to a knee, head down, with his ears flat out of respect for his elder and promptly got cuffed across the snout for his trouble.
Nuran chuckled.  “Bah!  None of that now!”
He rose and laughed.  “It is good to lay eyes upon you old friend.”
Nuran’s smile widened, eyes sparkling.  The old cat may be pushing 80, but pure intelligence and clarity of mind gazed up at him.  “And it is good to lay ancient eyes upon you.”  He spun the chair away, heading for a nearby lift.  “Come, come, we share meat and you can tell the tale of your visit.”
Like his mother, Nuran was a mix of old and new.  He understood the need for technology in their lives, came close to worshipping some of the benefits it provided, but also clung to their older traditions, when it suited him of course.
He followed, his steps slow and deliberate to keep pace with the chair.  “How are you?” he asked as they entered the lift.
Nuran grumbled, leaning forward to press the button for the meal level.  “Old, crotchety and craving terricone berries!”
He smiled.  So the truth comes out.  “Is that why you were bellowing at that 10th doctor?”
Nuran snorted and kept his eyes on the door, mumbling a string of curses under his breath.  “Young kit thinks she can enforce my orders!  Am I not the Prime Doctor still?”  His fur stood on end and he pounded a fist on the arm of the chair.  “Tell me!  Can I not countermand my own orders!  Hmmm?  Can I not?”
He laughed, his twin hearts lightening somewhat.  It was good to be home, definitely good.  He’d missed the old cat and laid a hand on his shoulder.  “I suppose you could, depending on the nature of that order.  Why did you tell yourself you could not have the berries to begin with?”
Nuran huffed, stuck out his chest, folded an elbow to the chair arm and muttered.  “Because they give me lower heart ache!”
He shook his head.  “Well, there you are.  You hate heart ache, yes?  I am quite sure the 10th doctor was only seeing to your best interest.”
Nuran waved a dismissive hand.  “Bah!”  He continued to mumble and mutter until the doors opened again.  He rolled the chair into the corridor and they made their way to one of the rooms that served food. 
Surprisingly enough, they only got stopped twice along the way.  The first was so Nuran could sign an order of some sort and the other was by a 2nd doctor requesting a case consult.  Nuran, despite his earlier grumblings, patiently accepted the interruptions and handled both issues quickly and efficiently. 
His people, while mostly Warriors also realized a need for others to support them.  The large medical complex was proof of that.  The doctors and staff were the best in the sector and it showed in their efficiency and capabilities.  If anyone could help Lash, they would be here.
They rolled across the meal room and up to a table.  Nuran parked his chair and he took one of his own, waiting while a 3rd orderly appeared and took their orders. 
Once he’d moved off to prepare the food, Nuran’s gaze lifted to his and locked there.  His face fell into serious Prime Doctor mode, and he spoke in a tone that brooked no argument.  “Tell the tale.”
He drew in a deep breath and like he had with Ena, repeated the story, from beginning to end, right up to the discovery that Lash was his Vaska and his petition to the Union for a Claim of Jalan. 
Nuran nodded, ate from his plate and didn’t interrupt.  When he’d finished, the older cat sighed, popped a bit of bread into his mouth and harrumphed softly.  “I see,” he finally said.  “So you really believe this off-worlder is your Vaska?”
“With all my hearts, old friend,” he replied without pause.  “She carries my Chinu.”  He reached up and trailed a finger down his own cheek.  “For all to see.”
Nuran’s smile was slow at first and then he laughed long and loud, slapping the table between them.  “Well, it is about time youngling, about galin time!”


Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the Universe as I see it.  My Spi-Corp Series, more specifically Book #1, A First Love Never Dies will be out by the end of March 2013 and will be available on Amazon.

Stay tuned for more soon...and thanks for stopping by.

Until then,

Margaret Taylor

Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the Beginning...

"The God's said:  Hey, look, tiny, little, mortal, small-minded beings...Let's have some fun!"

Ok, maybe they didn't say that, but probably should have!

Anyway, today, I decided to jump on the proverbial bandwagon and begin blogging...

I realize it's probably a bit late, but better late than never, right?


So, here we go.  Today's thoughts, ladies and gentlemen, will be more of an introduction and a plan for this blog o' mine.

What you'll see here, in the coming days, weeks, months and with the Blessings of the Gods Above, years to come will be the following:

1 - To update you on my writing.  Yes, I'm an author and you'll find one who can be quite wordy!  I try not to be, I really do, but there are times that my fingers just want to keep going and going and going...and well, you get the idea. 

I've decided, that in 2013, I shall get back around to finishing some projects that have been "on my shelves" for awhile.  That means I will be doing a LOT more writing...both as Margaret Taylor and my other Nomme De Plume, Lady Blade. 

Fair warning, Lady Blade writes Erotic, BDSM's with  Feel free to check them out, if that's your cup of tea.  If not, Margaret Taylor is my more conventional line, though she has yet to release anything.  She will, never fear - I have a 17 book, Sci-Fi Romance series, a 6 book Vampire Series and many stand alone Paranormal/Fantasy and Conventionals in the works.  So, pay attention, stay tuned and DON'T CHANGE THAT BLOG!!!!

2 - Sometimes I will post funny things that have happened in my world.  Just so you know, I hate humans - most of them anyway - we're stupid, self-centered and in today's world, have a healthy dose of tunnel vision.  This, more often than not, leads to sheer and utter...stupidity!  I fully plan on sharing these stupid moments...even my own!

3 - My personal thoughts, dreams, desires and yes, ok, pet peeves.  I decided today, that at 44 - I just had a birthday - I have enough experience and I'm old enough now to pass along that knowledge to a new generation.  And with "everyone" tweeting (is that what they call it?  I do not have a smartphone, nor do I want one, so I don't know), Facebooking (this I do do, btw.  You can find me here:!/margaret.taylor.9028194  Feel free to Like and/or Follow me if you aren't already!) and otherwise using social media, I might as well jump in with both feet, right?  Yep, you bet!

And finally,

I'm hoping to use this space on the great, big, World Wide Web, as a way to promote myself, as a writer, and connect with other people, just for kicks.  So, after any blog or post, I guess is what you'd call it, feel free to comment in return or tell me to shut it or just wave in passing as you click through to the next blog. 

I only ask that you be respectful.  If you don't like what I have to say, don't read it!  Go on and click along like a good little human and vent at the next one.  (In other words, if ya get nasty, I will delete it so as not to subject the next person who happens to stop by to it.  It's my blog, I can do that, so deal with it!)

As an Author, I do love feedback - both the good and the bad - so don't be afraid to say something.  Anything!  Please?!?!  Pretty Please?!?!?!  I don't have that many friends, so...*sniffles*

Just kidding.  You'll find I have a very strange sense of humor, but I hope, as you read the posts to come that you will enjoy it!

Until the next time,

Margaret Taylor