Friday, March 15, 2013

So, I haven't posted in awhile...

So, I haven't had much time of late to post something to ye olde blog, but I thought today I'd take a minute and catch you all up on some news.

As you know, I contracted Prophecy of Love with Lyrical Press a couple of weeks ago, so I've been busy getting things set up with them and so on.  Not to mention, I've been directed to do the Pre-Edits on it by the 26th. 

Also, I've been working quite a bit on the story I posted part of in my last Blog.  And I've been busy getting myself out there.  I'm slated for a couple of Guest Blogs in April so I'll keep you updated on those.  Plus I've been working on my website lately too. 

So much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it!

But, isn't that the curse of all us Authors?  Between the day job, trying to keep up with all the social media and do some writing too, it's really, really tough to find a balance.

But, I finally figured out - at least for me - *how* to do it?!  Whoo hoo, right?!?!?

Yeah, you'd think so...but the truth is, it's a never ending battle and one that we'll probably never win!  So, you have to prioritize, all the time and that's what I'm doing this weekend.  I took today (Friday) off from the day job - happily I got myself to a point in the work load that I could - and I'm using these three days to finish off Dane and Tara's story.

I've got to get that done because I promised the Editor I queired with it to have it to her by Monday...Ack!  Right?  I know.  But it's nearly done, if you must know, so I should be good.  Then it's on to the Pre-Edits for the next couple of weeks and then that's off my plate.

After that, I have to finish up Book 2 for my Lady Blade Blood In the Moon series and by then, hopefully Prophecy will be back from the editor and be ready for Round 2.  We'll see.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a scene I wrote today.  It's, interesting and a completely different take on the male prespective at his own wedding...*laughs*

Hope you enjoy!


Dane’s life had always been simple, straightforward.  From the day of his High School graduation and joining the Navy, it had been “Yes Sir, No Sir”, cut and dried, black and white.  Nothing more and nothing less.

And he’d liked it that way.  It was uncomplicated.

Even his time with Blackwell had been governed by a strict set of rules.

But, from the day he’d picked up the phone three weeks ago and agreed to the preposterous idea of killing another human being for no other reason than his own personal gain, his once structured and orderly life had been flipped on its ear.

And he didn’t like that!

He’d told himself long ago, he’d never be standing here, in a three-piece suit, waiting on a woman to walk down the aisle.

He’d told himself, a hundred times over, he’d never, ever fall into the trap his teammates and co-workers had and allow a woman into his life.

Women were chaos, disrupting everything he’d worked so hard to accomplish.

He’d seen it time and time again with his Blackwell friends and his former SEAL brothers.  One by one they’d fallen under the spell of a pretty smile, a twinkling laugh or a drool worthy body.  Slowly but surely they’d all been captured and reigned under a stiletto heel.

And now, here he stood, awaiting the very same fate…
Although, Tara didn’t wear stiletto’s and she probably wouldn’t reign him in, but still…
The bridal march interrupted his musings and he turned.  The crowd of guests rose and he barely managed not to run from the sight of Tara coming around the side of the house on the back of her horse.

She sat primly, her hands folded around a bouquet of bright red roses.  They were a shocking contrast to the white dress, white flowers in her hair and massive white horse under her.  Duke, for his part, was behaving – a fact that surprised him no end given his earlier run-in with the animal – and walked sedately across the backyard toward the guests.

She was smiling, like she knew a secret he didn’t and he couldn’t have taken his eyes off her for all the bullets in all the guns he’d ever fired. 

He’d traveled the world and seen some of the natural wonders this great planet had to offer.

He’d seen the Great Wall of China…but the architectural beauty of that would never, ever compare to the sight of her body moving in perfect tune with each step of her horse.

He’d seen Mount Rushmore…but the four granite faces would never, ever compare to the richly tanned and perfectly smooth curve of her cheeks.

He’d seen the Pyramids at Giza…but the ancient stone monoliths dedicated to the Kings and Queens of ages past would never, ever compare to the sparkle in her deep blue eyes.

He’d seen Niagara Falls …but massive waterfall would never, ever compare to the flow of white that floated around her as she slipped from Duke’s back and landed on her bare feet at the end of the aisle.

Her eyes lifted, locking to his and he gulped, hard.  His lower half tightened, stretching to be free of his pants and he was very thankful for the slightly long jacket he’d chosen.

Simon held out his arm.  She let go of the roses and slipped a hand into the crook, her eyes never leaving his.

The music and guests faded into the background and his vision tunneled until there was only the two of them in the entire world. 

Step by step they came the rest of the way and unbidden his hand lifted, warming the second hers slipped into it.  He tightened his fingers, pulling her around until they were face to face.  He dropped his hands to her waist and pulled her closer.  He stared into her eyes, lost in the sparkling blue that reminded him of the Pacific Ocean just off Maui.  His gaze dropped to her lips and he sucked his own between his teeth.

He was going to kiss her, right here, right now, their conditions be damned.

Lifting his gaze to hers again, he gently curled his hands around her cheeks and drew her lips up to his.  Tilting his head, he quested his tongue across the seal of her mouth and it parted on a soft sigh.

He’d assaulted hundreds of targets in his life, had been successful in all of them but no victory, no mission debrief had ever been more satisfying then the second she willingly opened her mouth to him.

A throat cleared and a mellow monotone spoke softly.  “Son?  We haven’t gotten to that part…yet.”


Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.

See you all again soon!

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Until next time.

Margaret Taylor


Ok, ok, since you asked...*grins wickedly*  Thought I'd give this an update and post the rest of it...just cause I love ya'll and ya'll seemed to like the first bit...

With that said, here's her side of it....


Tara had been kissed a few times in her life.  Jimmy Wilson in the seventh grade, Trent Brown in High School, Gary Markhum in College and even Sam Thornton had managed to steal one or two in the year they’d been engaged.

But none of them, had ever or would ever compare to the skillful assault of one Byron Dane on her wedding day. 

In that moment, with that single action of pulling her face up to his, he’d claimed her, lock, stock and barrel.  He also cemented her earlier thought that this was meant to be.  She let go of the flowers and curled her hand into his lapel, using it more for balance when her knees threatened to give way.

She would have happily brought him down with her but the Reverends soft admonishment snapped her back to reality.  She laughed against his lips and pulled back with an effort.  Licking hers, she tasted his toothpaste in the aftermath of his bombardment and drew in a steadying breath. 

His chest shuddered and he blinked several times as the words and stifled laughter of the guests seemed to work into his brain.  “Sorry,” he muttered softly.  He waved a jerking hand toward the preacher then dropped it to her waist again.  He pulled her to him, fingers clutching possessively into her sides. 

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in front of family and friends…” Reverend Smith began.

Truthfully and shamefully, that was the last thing she heard.  The preacher’s mellow voice faded to a mumble as she stood there, staring up into Dane’s slate grey, expressive eyes. 

They flashed like lightning across a spring time thunderstorm, jerking her heart into an equally skittering rhythm.

They blazed with the heat of a summer wildfire, burning the blood in her veins in response.

They glittered like winters first snowflakes, freezing the air in her lungs.

He gulped, blinked and the moment was broken with his nod.  He smiled slowly, his eyes filling with a predatory gleam as he spoke two simple words.  “I do.”

“And do you, Tara Michelle Anderson take Byron Michael Dane to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to protect and love, in sickness and health, till death do you part?”

In that moment, no matter what happened in the months to come, no matter what he said he would do, Tara knew she would never, ever let this man go.  She would fight for him, beside him and would never allow him to walk away from this.  Forget their initial motivations for being here, forget the conditions he’d set and forget the carefully crafted shield she’d put around her heart.  It had fallen away the moment he’d rounded the barn, hay sticking wildly out of his hair.

She smiled when his eyes flicked nervously over her face.  Should she drag it out?  Make him wait and wonder?  This had been her idea after all and she wasn’t having second thoughts, not in the slightest.  She didn’t want to torture him either, but the suddenly boyish worry in his eyes, tripped her heart into a staccato beat.  Lifting her hand from his chest, she curled it around his cheek.

“I do.”

His arms slipped around her back, crushing her and he buried his face in her neck, sighing.  “Geez woman,” he whispered for her ears alone.  “Don’t scare me like that.”

She laughed, tilting her face toward him and keeping her voice low.  “Didn’t mean too,” she admitted.  “I won’t do it again.”

He growled against her neck, nipped at her skin then pulled back.  Cupping her cheeks a second time, he took her mouth in another of those knee-buckling, breath stealing assaultive kisses…

“Well, I guess we are to that part…now.”