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The Long Awaited...

Book 2...

Ok, it wasn't that long, but you get the gist...

Anyway, yes, you've waited almost a month to find out what happens next to our stalwart hero's and heroine's...well, here it is folks.

The continuation of To Light The Dragons Fire is here in To Save The Broken Heart, Book 2 of the Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My! Series...

Lanni Heegan is having a really bad day. Recently recovered from being mostly dead, she sets off to save War Advisor Arin Manus from an unsure fate at the hands of the traitorous Griffons. But what starts out as a rescue mission, soon has her in yet another mess. Will she have the strength to survive or will she need saving herself?

Arin Manus is also having a really bad day. Traded to the Orc’s, his rage over Lanni’s death and his own circumstances will not be tempered anytime soon. Or will it? Can he put aside his desire for vengeance and escape to fight another day or will he allow it to consume his broken heart and kill him…

Are either of them strong enough to combat the plans set in motion by the dark evil bent on ruling The Five Kingdoms? Do either of them have the necessary fortitude to fight the battles ahead? Or will they wallow in self-pity and give in to the ancient Prophecy that started it all…

Find out if Arin and Lanni can Save Their Broken Hearts in the continuing saga of Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My!... 

And just in case you missed Book 1: To Light The Dragons Fire, here it is again.

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Independent and feisty Terra Heegan is on the verge of sacrificing everything to save her family’s struggling trucking company. But, she wants one last hoorah before settling into a loveless marriage. With her sister, Lanni, Terra takes a trip into the Mountains of Wyoming to explore one of the few places left on Earth where adrenaline and wit are the only things that can keep her out of trouble…

Dragon King, Draven Taraxus, never wanted the crown. Born to a dying breed of Rulers, Draven has sat on the throne for the last 100 years, thanks to his father's impeachment. Boredom and stagnation have left his kingdom, and his heart, ripe for the picking by a power hungry evil that has spent the same amount of time plotting and scheming to take over.

Everything is in place. The pieces have all been set and all Evil needs is one last ingredient to rule everything. The love of a human with fire-red hair and silvery eyes that will…Light The Dragon’s Fire
And just cause I love ya'll, here's an exclusive teaser from Book 3, To Free The Dragons Soul, due to release August 15th, 2014, or thereabouts...
To Free The Dragons Soul, Book 3 of the Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My! Series
Seven rotations later Fyris was wondering what in all the Nether Worlds had possessed him to offer himself up as the sacrificial lamb so to speak. Climbing slowly up the steep cliff of rocks, he wiped the sweat from his brow and shifted the pack Terra had given him.
“You know, I could lift you a bit more.”
He cut a look down at Enon, resident guardian of the cave housing the portal. “No, no, I am fine. I can make it.”
The massive Dragon snorted out a cloud of smoke and shook his head. He curled back to the floor, his green-yellow eyes watchful. “If you say…”
“I do,” he grunted.
Swinging up, he dangled by two fingers then adjusted his grip. He’d flown here from Win-ra and while both he and Enon barely fit in the cave in Dragon form, he was still too big to reach the magical opening. He’d had to shift back to his humanoid self and scale it by hand. He’d tried working his way up the long bank of sand Terra and Lanni had slid down all those rotations ago, but there was no purchase to be had.
So, here he was, sweating, annoyed and about to give up on the idea when he finally reached the ledge at the top. Scrambling over, he waved, watching his fellow Dragon’s scales pulse blue in relief. “I will return when I can.”
Enon waved a claw. “Be safe friend. Do not let the humans bite!”
He laughed and headed deeper into the tunnel that would lead him to a world he’d grown up believing was nothing more than myth and legend.
Was he nervous?
Not really. More concerned over what the evil bastard of a Unicorn had been able to accomplish in the short time he’d been on the other side…

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  1. Woot! Congrats on your release!! :) Book one was hot, book two sizzling.. now book three! You little tease you!!

    1. *hangs head to hide her wicked grin* I know Ms. Melissa...I know...I'm horribly evil!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      I'm glad you liked both the others though...Book 3 is shaping up to be just as much fun, frivolity, Evil plans from a certain Unicorn and more love and hotness!

      And just WAIT until you see the thought Book 1 & 2 were hot?? Nah...Book 3 is gonna trump them all...*hides another wicked grin*

  2. Replies
    1. Awwww, thank you Ms. Ella! Much appreciated!