Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Lovely Betas...

As you've heard me say, two of my lovely betas, Karen Mikhael and Kerri Ainsworth are both very, very, VERY talented! They do absolute wonders with Polymer Clay and other nifty neat things, something I could NEVER hope to do myself...

Anyway, over the last week, I either won something from this lovely pair, or bid on it and today, both arrived!!!! YAY for double pressies in the mail!

A lass, it seems the packages might just have crossed into the Five Kingdoms at some point along the way, because there was a scuffle.

Mr. Dragon, whom I decided to call Drayze, lost his battle with the dastardly cotton balls in which he spent his journey...

I cleaned him up as best I could, but as you can see, he is quite tuckered out now.

Mamma Wolf didn't fare so well and arrived in much worse shape...

I have a feeling Golix had a hoof in this injury! The babies, as you can also see, were unharmed but worried greatly over the condition of their poor Mamma.
But, I retrieved my trusty surgical tools...
and after many, many, MANY heart-wrenching hours - where it was truly touch and go there for a while - I am happy to report that Mamma is doing just fine in her Post-Op Recovery!

As you can see, even though Drayze is quite exhausted, he is still ready to defend and everyone is one big happy family!

So, thank you Karen and Kerri! You ladies ROCK! I haven't a thing to fear when these guys are guarding my desk ever so diligently!!!!

If you'd like some lovely friends of your own, you can find both these totally AWESOME ladies here:

Karen's Page, Treasured OOaks
Kerri's Page, Mythiical Creations

Why don't you head over and give them both some Facebook Love. Tell 'em Margaret sent cha!!!

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Until next time.

Margaret Taylor

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