Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And Here They Are...

That's right! You asked for it, so here we go...

Both Books 1 & 2 are now available in PRINT!!!

*nod nod* Ahyep, you heard me right. You can now hold Draven and Arin and Terra and Lanni and all the other cast of characters in your very own hands!!!

Now, here's the best part. They are $10.99 if you order through Amazon or Createspace, but they won't be signed.
So, IF you want a signed copy of your very own, you can Paypal me, ejstarr_author@att.net $15.00 per copy, which will include shipping from me to you within the U.S. ($18.00 if you're International) and I'll sign each copy for you.

If you want it personalized, make sure to include to whom you'd like it dedicated in the "Note" section of the Paypal.
Now, if you want to send me a check or Money Order, that's fine too. Just email your info to margarettaylor1226@att.net and I'll respond with my mailing address.
Now, if you don't want them signed, that's fine too. You can order direct from Createspace or Amazon. These have just come out, so give it a day or two to sync up and you should be able to get them from all the major retailers too.

Or, if you want, just go fill out this form! Makes life easy for everyone! :D


Thanks as always for stopping by!!!

Until next time.
Margaret Taylor

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