Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Shenanigans...

When I first decided to have a blog, I wasn't sure what - exactly - I wanted it to be. And to be honest, I'm still not. I've tried a couple of different things though, over the months I've had this up and running and so far, nothing has really "taken off".

But, I've said it before about my writing, I realistically didn't expect it to. I thought - read: hoped - I'd get a modicum of steady followers/commenters that might come to enjoy the occasional peek into the weirdness that is me and my Universe.

And, so far, I have. I check this place at least once a day and do see a steady influx of page views. So, thank you! But, as I said in Changing Things Up A Bit earlier this week, this place needs some livening up.

So, being the different, weird person that I am, I now present you with the first installment of Sunday Shenanigans.

On today's episode let's talk about men, shall we?

Now, I know you ladies out there love the hot man. You see one on a cover and go absolutely ga-ga over it! I don't blame you, I do the exact same! I'm the first to admit to those little flutters in the belly, the little pitter pat of my heart when I see the hard cut of a defined chest, or the rippling wave of a set of six-pack abs!

Yes, yes, I'm a chest girl. I always have been and I always will be! Don't judge!

But, I know it's not just the picture on the cover that brings you back to a particular Author again and again. It helps, don't get me wrong, I know, but it's the inside, the meat of the man - HA! See what I did there...*giggles* - that will keep you turning the pages.

Am I right?

Come on, you know I am...

So, with this in mind, let's talk about it a bit more in depth.

What makes for the perfect man!

Ok, ok, I know they don't exist in real life. They don't all have hot bods, winning smiles, sparkling eyes and the soul of a poet. In real life, they watch too much sports, hog the covers, snore unbearably (before you even have a chance to fall asleep!), forget to take out the trash, get caulk up their nose attempting to replace faucets (I'm lookin' at you Angela! *grins*) and generally have one track minds.

And before you jump down my throat, there are exceptions! I know there are. Many of you mention how wonderful your significant other is almost daily on FB and Twitter. And I applaud you - read: am jealous of you *chuckles* - for having the patience to find such a man! I hope that you never take him for granted. (I know you don't, I'm just sayin'...)

But what makes him perfect in your eyes.

Is it his looks alone? Most likely not, just about everyoneknow isn't that shallow. I'm sure the looks play a part, don't get me wrong, but it's the whole package.

So, what's in that package ladies? Dish for me. Tell me what makes your man perfect for you.

Now, I have an ulterior motive in this, I really do. As I've mentioned, I have a lot of books coming out over the next two years. I did a rough count not too long ago and if I stick to my plan - yes, I have a spreadsheet - I'll release somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30 books between now and the end of 2015.

Is that overwhelming? Sometimes. I'll admit there are moments when I look at my virtual shelves and go, "Holy Fudge on a Stick! I've got a lot of work to do."

Is it daunting? Not really. Most of those books are already written or well on their way, so it's just a matter of taking them one or two at a time and shining them up to make them all pretty.

But, what I'm finding as I sort through them all, is that I'm writing the same overall "type" of leading man again and again. Yes, yes, I know we all have our favored types - Some of us go for nothing but Cowboys and those are the leading males of our works, for others it's Firefighters or Law Enforcement types or Military Types.

So, I'm not talking about the job of your lead characters.

I'm talking about the overall package.

Do you like the broken bad-boy who needs to be fixed? Or do you go for the soft-at-heart when it comes to his girl, but willing to kick the a$$ of anyone who looks at her funny sort? Or is it the tortured hero with commitment phobia that draws you in...

Beyond that, do you like tall, short, built, not-so-built, unusual colored eyes or just plain colored eyes? Or, is it the fact that hero is appropriate to the heroine kind that trips your trigger...

Tell me, I really want to know. With so many hero's in the wings of my world, it's becoming increasingly harder to make them different.

So, ladies, I leave this to you. Tell me, what makes a man, or your own Alpha Man, the perfect Hero!

Thanks, as always for stopping by.

Until next time.

Margaret Taylor



    1. Awww, thank you for stopping by Hotcha! It's always wonderful to see you here!

  2. I like my hero to have a sense of humor. My husband always makes me laugh and I love it!

    1. sense of humor is always a plus for me. I don't like people that don't have a sense of humor. My husband has a sick sense of humor like I do, so it's always entertaining to hear us talking to each other lol.

    2. I also meant to say I LOVE a man's butt! That's why I'm always surprised at the men who wear such baggy pants. You're hiding your best asset there, mister!

    3. Stacy, I so <3 you! I'm a secret butt girl myself, though I go for the chest/arms first!

      And DarkAngel, I love the fact that you and your DH can communicate that way. That's awesome! Sounds like you two are a perfect fit!

  3. Lol. I know the feeling. When I'm writing, I sometimes feel like I have multiple personalities, because I'm trying to make every character different. I don't want them to be similar, because I want them to be remember for who they are. I'm always a sucker for the tortured soul type. Of course, it's probably because I have a degree in psychology, so I know how to make the male character messed up and tortured. I like it when the guy is taller than the girl. I like the guys who protect the ones they love even though they may be badly injured or going against the laws of their group. I don't want the girl to be completely helpless. I want her to be strong enough to stand on her own, but at times needs her hero to come save her. So, I'm more of the tall, strong types with some muscular built and a clean chest. I'm more of a backside of a gal. I love looking at the strong back and buttocks. :) My husband has always supported me and will always support me even if he doesn't agree with it. He has helped me through college and with all my crazy hobbies and crafts. He has never called me stupid or a bad crazy. At first, when I released that I was going to write and publish my stories (I have been writing since junior high, but never let anyone else read my stories), I didn't feel embarrased with him, because I knew he would support me, even though he doesn't understand it. He's not a book reader, he's more of a hands on, then reading. I know it's hard when you fall in love with one male character, but he needs to change to fit everyone's taste. I try to keep my male characters different, just because I like a guy one way doesn't mean someone else will. I also make sure to have the male character fit well with the female character so there won't be too much tension between them. Hope this help. Can't wait for the next blog.

    1. Thank you DarkAngel for the insightful input! I love a man that's taller than his woman too. Something about being folded up in strong arms that will beat back the world gets me every time!

      Probably why my Hero's are always taller than their girls! And I love the fact that you appreciate strong women. I truly despise TSTL (Too Stupid Too Live) women in books. They drive me insane and IF I happen to run across such a work and I'm actually reading it, most of the time you'll find me shouting at the pages going "OH come on woman! Get a grip! Stop your sniveling and stand up for yourself already!" Which I can say has led to more than a few strange looks when I'm reading in public...ROFL!

      Thanks for stopping by DarkAngel. Next week, I'm thinking we might just talk about women...sound good?

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    1. trying this without the failing keyboard. I appreciate intelligence and kindness. I like to see the soul reflected in a man's eyes. It wouldn't matter if he was built like a potato if he had those things going for him. Desire begins in the mind. And while I appreciate a beautiful body as much as the next homo sapiens, I especially love male hands and forearms. :) Cute topic Margaret.

    2. Thank you Rose. It was a fun one for me too! I agree that the eyes should say a lot too. If they're dull and lack luster, I have no desire to engage that person - and that goes for males or females I think.

      I like arms/hands/forearms too. As I said above, something about being wrapped up and protected in (As one of my favorite Fitness Models Gary Taylor says -- ) "Cuddle Straps", makes me go all aquiver every time!

  5. Hi, Margaret, and Happy Sunday. I admit I'm shallow. The first thing I notice is a guy's looks. I like tall guys because I'm so short. Hair color doesn't matter. But I like a nice, firm body, not a bodybuilder's body but a nice firm one. And a pleasant face with a little bit of days-old stubble.

    Now that my shallowness has been taken care of, I like a man who is kind to small children and animals, especially cats. Gotta love a man who loves cats. I like a man who respects women, all women, and treats his woman with kindness and respect. And I like a man who likes to tease the woman he loves, who can make her laugh. And he must be intelligent. That goes without saying.

    1. Oh Cara, you and I are on the same sheet o' music my dear.

      Kindness and Intelligence goes a very long way with me! And the male doesn't have to be intelligent in every aspect, but knowledgeable in some and intelligent in his field of choice works for me too!

      Thanks ever so much for stopping by today.

  6. It is hard to write different guys in each story, esp. since there are certain things we (as authors) find attractive! Humor and intelligence are important to me personally. I need a guy I can hang with for a long time and not be bored. But as a reader, I love the hunky guy who has a protective streak, whether he's a bad boy or good guy. I think anyone who is willing to take care of others is sexy!

    1. Oh Ms. Mel, how did I *know* you'd say exactly this...*giggles* It's but one of the reason I <3 you so!

      And I agree. As you get more and more books under your proverbial belt, you find yourself challenged to keep things fresh and exciting - not only in content and word play, but character types as well.

      It's one of the reasons I chose this subject today and I'm very happy with those that took a moment to comment and give me some insight on their thoughts!

      *kisses, hugs and cookies*

  7. In the virtual world, the only kind of guy I do NOT LIKE, is a degenerate abuser.

    In real life, well ...

    I started with an intelligent, humorous, committed to me, man wrapped in the sexiest parts, all of which left it hard {no pun} to choose which piece of anatomy caused my glands to go into overdrive. To others, he looked like Buddy Holly but without his clothes and glasses, there was my superman. My man had hair, all over, a soft, down to pet and/or pull.

    After forty-eight years, his butt, legs, hands, feet, torso, lips, and drowsy honey-colored eyes still turn me on. His humor has carried us through the great times and the grating times. He now has little hair on his head but who would know the Yul look would entice me too. His body has held up better than mine,and while the ending is bittersweet, there is more sweet than bitter.

    In a near fatal accident, he kept me safe from harm while he endured multiple blows to his left frontal lobes causing him to go, his words, 'into the darkness.' On our forty-third anniversary he asked me not to put him into a nursing home. I had never given that possibility a thought.

    If you check out any of my stories or articles, you will see our life has never been easy but always to us, worth the extra mile.

    When he is in 'the light' my lifelong companion and very best friend is present. When he is 'in darkness' he regresses into childhood and the impish grin and attitude endears him, so being a mommy again is endured.

    Because he does not remember I no longer wear rings because of lymph edema, residual of two bouts of breast cancer, to quiet his fear of losing me, we had a handfasting ceremony to commemorate our forty-eighth anniversary this month.

    What is needed in a man or a woman is in each eye and heart, all different. In my life, I wanted a best friend forever ... with perks.

    1. Oh Paula,

      I have to be totally honest and say this response, made me cry! It really did.

      It's an honor to meet someone who has not only stayed with their man through thick, thin and the troubles life inevitably throws your way, but still finds him attractive!

      Thank you so very much for sharing yourself and your superman - both versions of him - with us here today. You two truly are to be commended and respected!

  8. I love a man who fights falling in love, but will do anything for his lady. I'm a sucker for an Alpha male. He has to have a good sense of humor, be intelligent, and read. I've been with mine for almost 30 years now.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ella, just like Paula, are two of the most lucky women I know. I can only hope that when or if I ever find that man for myself, I have as long and wonderful a relationship as the two of you!

      Thank you very much for stopping by my friend. It is always good to "see" you, even if it's only virtually!

  9. You know the type of man I like. Soft at heart when it comes to his gal and willing to wade through hell and fists to help her. That was my Gerry and your "poppa".

    Always supporting whatever decision I made, even if he thought it wasn't a good one or made him feel threatened in some way. If I stood up to assholes he would just smile in the background and nod as if telling them 'well hope you had a nice life cause she's going to kill you now.'

    Maybe he didn't make the best or fully informed financial decisions but he did what he felt was best, and worried about my future when he'd be gone.

    Fussed over 'his girls' and 'his boys'. Accepted my huge extended family as part of his family and was always willing to talk with any of them if they called needing his input on something.

    He wasn't the tallest most ripped man in the world...but he was strong until the cancer ate him up. Could work a full day in the fields as a welder pipefitter...strong as a police officer with compassion and empathy towards those less fortunate.

    And,even though he was an avid hunter, oh how he was a softy when it came to the furry friends! could that guy COOK!!!! People clamored for his infamous WolfsHead Chili all the time...and his sage chicken....and lets not forget his spaghetti and garlic bread!

    1. Oh yes Cousin, I do know!

      I miss Poppa every day, just like you, but I also know he had a good life with you and our crazy extended family!

      Thanks for sharing my dearest sister!

      PS: I do so miss his Spaghetti and Garlic Bread! Makes my tummy rumble just thinking about it! It truly does!

  10. Gotta have a sense of humor and irreverence, sparkling green eyes, big broad shoulders, a kind heart and be good with kids... Oh, wait, that's my husband! ;)

    The Winchester brothers from Supernatural work, too!

    1. Hi Ms. Sara,

      I admit I haven't watched Supernatural since the first episode. To be honest, it freaked me out and I haven't watched a single one since.

      But, that being said, I do appreciate your input and I'm happy you found the man you wanted in your DH! Congratulations!

  11. Hi Margaret,

    Wonderful topic. I love a man who is kind, respectful and reliable. No, not boring. Just someone I can trust, and that's not all that easy. I am very much an 'energy' person so I go by the vibes I pick up. My husband is the best guy around. He loves us and is the rock of our family. Irreverent humor... he's got a ton to spare.

    1. Why Ms. Gemma,

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and sharing with us!

      I have to admit I love a man that can make me laugh too, or that I can make laugh. Because it means he gets my quirky - and those that know me, know I am indeed quirky - sense of humor.

      Ms. Gemma, you simply must come on the blog one day and share your DH's sense of humor with us. He sounds like a blast!

  12. I've often wondered that too, Margaret. I have the same issue as you in that I tend to write the same type of man across all of my books. But it's interesting to see how readers perceive my male characters compared to how I think of them. I also have some readers who have read my books several times, and they read the men differently depending on what's happening in their personal lives. So, I'm not sure what makes the perfect guy, but I think it depends on the reader.