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Even Authors make themselves Giggle from time to time...


Sorry, but I have to share this...

As most know, us Authors have moments of levity and if you're halfway decent at this writing gig, you try your best to interject them at just the right moment.

Whether you're using it as something to lighten a tense situation, or just as an aide for the reader to keep things on a somewhat even keel, when true levity happens, even us Authors can have an uncontrollable fit of the giggles...

Case in point...

I present you with a moment from Through The Cat's Eyes, Book 1 of The 2nd Chance Shifter Series...



Give him a mission to plan. No problem!

Give him six squads of Marines and a firefight to coordinate. Awesome!

Hell, even the life and death scenario that had played out in his kitchen not five minutes ago and he knew exactly what to do and more importantly how to do it!


Watching the woman he may and—or may not be cautiously falling in love with, slowly bleeding to death…

And hardened, rough and tumble, Marine Sergeant Tucker West was at a complete loss!

Stroking her head, he wiggled out from under her massive body and gently laid her on her side. “Calli? Come on girl, open your eyes for me.”

She didn’t respond and he wondered where a Leopards pulse was. Feeling along her neck, he found nothing but relaxed slightly when her chest lifted.

He tried again. “Come on, Cal. Please. Open your eyes. Tell me what to do!”

No. Wait. He knew. He’d had enough basic first aid in the Corps! He had this.

First rule, stop the bleeding. Check!

Scrambling for the kit under the sink, he set it down between her front and rear paws and again, searched her coat for the wound.

It took him an eternity – at least it felt that way – but he finally found the three, no, wait, four punctures. Pressing against them, he shot a silent prayer of thanks into the air for his family’s oversized hands. His palm covered them well enough, but blood still seeped through his fingers.

With his other, he flipped up the lid and dug through the supplies until he found several large gauze pads. He ripped them open with his teeth and stuffed them against the wound, adding as much pressure as he dared.

Her lungs inflated, her chest jerking roughly and there was a rattle to it he didn’t like at all!

“Come on love, just hang in there.”

Help. He needed help!

Eyeing the phone on the counter, he let go of her long enough to grab it and dialed the number he’d seen her call via Skype not half an hour ago.

“Yes?” a curious female’s voice answered. “Who is this?”

“I don’t have time for pleasantries. Where’s J?”

“Who is this?” she asked again.

“My name is Tucker West. Callista’s hurt. Where’s J?!” he barked into the phone.

“Shit!” she cursed. “What happened?”

“She’s been stabbed, dammit! Now get me J!?”

Sheesh! How hard was this!?

But the female wasn’t following his commands and asked, “Cat or human?”


An exasperated sigh and she repeated the question slowly, as if he were stupid. “Was she stabbed as a cat or a human?”

He almost growled but managed to keep it behind his teeth. “Cat.”
“Large or small?”

He rolled his eyes and propped the phone against his shoulder, ripping open another pad as the ones he’d used were already soaked. “Large!!! Now will you get J?”

“One moment please…”

The line cut off and musak, the kind you hear in the elevator of a hospital, began to play through the ear piece. He stared at the phone, almost threw it across the room but the realization that this might be Calli’s only hope to survive kept him from crushing the handset to bits.

“Hello? Hello?”

Hearing the male voice now, he tucked the phone back against his ear. “J?”

“Yes. Ok, listen. Do not let her shift…”

“She’s unconscious,” he replied tightly.

“Good,” J returned. “Can you move her?”

He blinked and almost laughed. “Seriously, man? She’s a thousand pounds of leopard right now! Even at my best, that’s a no.”


See? Trust me, when I wrote this scene -- and the four or five or six times since that I've reread it in the editing phase -- has nearly collapsed me into a fit of the giggles...

Anyway, this book is now with my Beta's -- whom are all hot for Tucker now...*laughs* -- and with my lovely editor. I should have the cover very soon (In the next day or two!) so be sure to come back here and check it out.

Otherwise, you'll be able to get your hands on this hot number -- Through The Cat's Eyes -- no later than March 15th!

I'll be putting together a blog blitz as well, so be sure to keep an eye on my FB fan page for details:

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time...

Margaret Taylor

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