Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shenanigans are afoot!

You hoooo...Hello? Anyone around on this hot Sunday??

Well, if so, guess what!?!?! I have two announcements folks!

The first is, To Free The Dragon's Soul is now up on Goodreads! Check it out, add it to your shelf, bless it, drool over it..., I don't really care! Ok, I do, but you know what I mean...*cackles*

Oh, oh, and guess what else?!?! Can ya??


Well, I'm gonna tell ya!

Book 1, To Light The Dragon's Fire, OFFICIALLY goes into Audio Production on MONDAY, 8/11!!! 

Ahyep, by sometime in October, give or take, you'll be able to HEAR Draven and Arin and Terra and Lanni come to life! And I can't wait! I really can't! My narrator, Fred Wolinsky, is absolutely awesome and I just know he's going to do all the characters you've fallen in love with supreme justice!

So, there you go folks. Things are hopping right along nicely...

Oh, and here's the pre-order link for ITunes! It went live late yesterday and B&N should post sometime today!!!!
Go on now, head on over and get in line for the next installment of Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My! And enjoy the excerpt below too!
Oh, and one more thing, I'm gonna share an exclusive teaser from Book 3, just to whet your appetite...


Terra stared across the way at the Harpies going about their business as if they didn’t have a care in the world and for just a breath, she wanted to rage at all of them.
Didn’t they know there was a war on? Didn’t they realize the lengths evil was willing to go to, to win?
If they did, they didn’t care apparently. Draven had said they’d remained oblivious to outsiders unless there was a profit to be made and had always reminded him of Goblins. He’d added in the next breath, they weren’t the fighters they’d once been and preferred to heal nowadays.
“What is that phrase you use? A pen for your thoughts? Is that it?”
She smiled over her shoulder, exhaling softly. He’d been trying so hard over the last week or so to win her over again that she finally decided to cut him some slack. At least a little. “Something like that.”
He came to the railing and reclined back against it. Facing the suite, he ignored the hubbub of the citizens. “So, what are you thinking, Kyleri?”
She propped her chin on her palm, tapping her fingers against her cheek. “That without Haydn, tonight would have had a far different outcome.”
His lips pursed. “I agree.”
The sun was just beginning to peek through the trees, throwing beams here and there to start a new day. It had taken them most of the night to pilot the N’Val back to the jungle domain and she knew it hovered somewhere off to the right and above them. A few of the Harpies had boarded at their request and were examining the bombs still loaded in her belly. What would or could come from it, she had no clue, but it was a start. It would be even better if they could do it again. In Bra’ka.
But, she was loath to ask Haydn to go undercover a second time.
As if reading her thoughts, Draven spoke in a calm, sure voice. “She is on her way.”
She groaned and ran a hand through her hair. “And Arin? How did he take it?”
Her mate blew out a lungful of air. “He went with her.”
She pinched the bridge of her nose. “Oy vey…”
He chuckled and laid a hand on her back. “I feel much the same. But, we are needed here. Haydn said this is not finished. The plan to bomb Gahroon was only the first stage. Carax and the remaining troops are already heading for the Butte’s…”

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Until next time.

Margaret Taylor

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