Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's ALIVE!!!!!

So, for those of you that don't know, To Free The Dragon's Soul is now up for Pre-Order!!!!!

Finally, after two days of fighting with Zon to get it up and running on Pre-Order, they came through!!!

So, here are all the pertinent details, plus, since I love you all, I'm going to give you an exclusive taste of the book...


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Tian folded up the communication stone and tucked it back into his bag. Message sent and received. Help was on the way.

Staring down at the Naiad, he wiped the fever sweat off her brow with the sleeve of his shirt. He just hoped it was in time.

She shivered and moaned, her perfect face twisting through a myriad of emotions in her delirium. He touched her forehead, nearly jerking back from the heat wavering off her skin. Poor woman was so hot it was a wonder her skin wasn’t blistering and boiling.

She bolted upright, her eyes wild and consumed with turmoil. “No, no! I will not! Stay away!”

“Shhh,” he soothed, pressing her back on the makeshift cot. “You are safe.”

She fought him, swinging out recklessly with both fists and shouted a string of obscenities in Naiad before reverting to a more common language again. “No! You Nawi! Let me be!”

The tent flap shifted and Dain’s right head ducked under it. “Is all well?”

A blow caught him across the cheek before he could halt her violent outburst. He ducked a second swing and managed to gather her against his chest. “It is fine. She is dreaming.”

Dain chuckled, shaking his head. “I see that. Do you need help?”

With her pinned in his arms, her feet began to flail under the fur they’d tucked around her. She growled, low and long, her heated gaze glaring death his way.

“No. We will be fine. Could use some broth though.”

Dain sighed. “You will need more than broth I fear, before this is over.”

He nodded slightly toward his second in command. “Most likely. But it will be a good start.”

Dain harrumphed in disbelief but ducked back out of the too small tent.

Alone again, he rocked the woman, humming softly, hoping it would alleviate whatever nightmare had her in its cold, dark grip. “Viana, tu’lin kan sil zenna…” He sang an ancient tune his own mother had used to pacify him as kit. “Be still my love, the dark will lift with the new daylight…You need not fear, I am here…”

He’d forgotten the rest, but continued to hum until she stilled against his chest and her eyes slipped closed. When her breathing evened out as much as it could, he gently stretched her back out and tucked the covers around her again. For now, sweating out the toxin was the most they could do for her.

The sad part, he still didn’t know her name…
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