Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Sale

So, because I just love you all...

I've put I Saw Momma Shoot Santa Claus on sale for the next couple of days.

If you haven't grabbed a copy yet of this funny, romantic take on the Mythos of Santa, now's as good at time as any, right?


So, grab it while it's hot ladies and gents!

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Slade McKinney does not believe in Santa Claus. She never has. Calling the worst places in the Chicago foster care system home just doesn’t inspire belief in a jolly fat man who grants wishes and creates miracles. So, when she discovers Santa Claus in her living room on Christmas Eve, she reacts just as if she were still a Chicago police detective …

Chris St. Nick has watched the horrors unfold in Slade’s life until he could no longer sit by. As a child he saved her from a horrible home. Slade carries a heavier burden into adulthood and Chris breaks protocol for the first time in order to ease her suffering again. Will his sacrifice truly help and can she appreciate the gifts he leaves behind?

Slade can’t understand a life without suffering and loss. Chris has never had to sacrifice anything. He wants to heal her pain but can Slade give in to the longings of her heart and find hope for the first time? Will Chris’ optimism be enough to overcome the years of pain she’s endured? Or is Slade cursed by a generation’s old tradition that has nothing to do with Chris but everything to do with the man he is...
Thanks, as always for stopping by.
May your Holiday be filled with good food, fun family, Peace and Joy!
Until next time.
Margaret Taylor

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