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L. Blankenship At The Blogger Book Fair Today...

First off, I'd like to welcome you all to the Opening Day of the Blogger Book Fair.

Business first: We're having a reader's choice contest during this Fair, so be sure to place your votes here:

My book, The Spi-Corp Series, Book 1 - A First Love Never Dies is in the Science Fiction - Mature Category down toward the bottom of the page and it would sure appreciate some love!

Now, to the fun stuff...

I decided that I would give each of my Author's a chance to do a CNN type interview with a character for this event and they all loved it.

So, to get us going, allow me to set the scene for you....

The camera opens on a newsroom and sitting behind a desk is Laytak Draza, a very handsome Borgla from the planet Yerod. He is tall, with broad shoulders, a barrel of a chest and his long arms are folded on the desk. His face is a muted grey with high cheekbones and a strong, defined chin. He has no hair but the ridges that begin at his hairline, could almost be braids. His brilliant red eyes glow with underlying knowledge and his full lips split into a grin as he speaks...

Good Morning and welcome to the Galactic News Network. I'm Laytak Draza. On today's show we're speaking with Prince Kiefan Weissberg of Wodenberg.

Welcome your Highness. Why don't we start by with who you are, tell my audience a little about yourself...

I am Kiefan Weissberg, prince and heir to the crown of Wodenberg. As such, I'm a disciple of Saint Woden and... (shrugs) I earned rank as one of the best knights in the kingdom, at this autumn's joust.

Interesting. And what's your current mission...

I am currently charged with overseeing the defense of our capital and its evacuation while my father engages the enemy at our southern border. It's all but certain that the Empire will press to lay siege as soon after the spring equinox as they may. We hope to hold them off until our allies bring reinforcements. All summer, if need be.

*Laytak looks at the camera.* How quaint. So, I understand your betrothal didn't quite go as intended. Tell us more...

(A slight frown) My betrothal will proceed, so long as our allies come to our aid as promised. Whatever state our land is in, if our saints still live I will be married before Winter Solstice. They have given their word, and I will do as they ask. (His voice lowers) I hope we may have a peaceful marriage, despite all of this.

Very Interesting. So, you are now in love with Kate? Am I hearing that correctly?

(His uncertainty drops into a hard stare. Laytek smiles blandly, waiting for a response through several seconds of silence.) Kate is my physician and a dear friend. And married to another man.

I see. So, now you are waiting on a massive army to invade?

(His stare eases. He shifts in his chair, uncomfortable.) Arcea is gathering twice the army we have, yes.

And how does Wodenberg plan to defend itself. From my information, you are severely lacking in resources, am I right?

True, we have only one Elect, where Arcea has dozens, and ours is a healer. Perhaps our army is small, but our men are fierce in the field and loyal to our saints. There is hope that the hardships of war will create new Elect in Wodenberg. We have stripped the southern kingdom of supplies and people, so that the enemy will find no easy pickings and no innocents to kill. This will be a hard spring, but... (nods to himself)

Well then, what are your plans?

I will defend my people and my saints... (pauses a moment) all that I love, to my last breath.

Well, thank you for your time your Highness. I am quite sure we will be hearing more of your adventures soon enough. 
*Laytak turns back to the camera.* If you would like to know more about the good Prince, you can find him here



Thank you for joining us on this first day. If you want to visit another Author participating in the fair, click the Book Blogger Fair button over there on the right. Go on, click it! You know you want too.

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