Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And the Winners Are...

I just want to say thanks to everyone who dropped by during my participation of Lady Ambers Blog Hop! You guys are absolutely amazing...I'm just saying.

Anyway, the likes, the follows, and the comments have been counted...(Ok, ok, I cheated and hit a button...)

The envelopes have been randomly tossed about the hat...(Ok, ok, again, I just hit a button over on Random.org to decide who got what...)

The winners have been emailed...

And they are:

The $5 Amazon GC went to: Jill P - for her winning comment and wish to visit the Rings of Saturn up close and personal! I hope someday you can my friend!

The lovely Swag Pack went to: Tamera R - for her following me around over there in the Twitterverse! I just know you and I will have lots and lots of fun together...*dangles cookies to entice Ms. Tamera along down the path...*

The eBook copy of A First Love Never Dies went to: Denise Z. - for her taking the crazy chance and liking me over on Facebook. *tears up...* She likes me, she really likes me! *fangirl squee*

And finally...

The eBook copy of Wolf's Paradox went to: Hanyewi T. - for her obsessively weird following of me in the Twitterverse. *looks over her shoulder...whispers...* No Hanyewi! For the last time, you can NOT have Ronon. He belongs to Kathy! *looks back at the camera.* Sheesh, some people!

Anyway, for the multitudes of you that came by, I truly hope you enjoyed yourself. Not only here, but all along the hop as well.

I hope Lady Amber does this again because it truly was a lot of fun!

So, until Sunday and the next installment of Sunday Shenanigans!

Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

Margaret Taylor

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