Sunday, April 14, 2013

Alright peeps, As Promised, It's time to Vote...


Alright Folks, It's Time to Vote for your Favorite:
So, here's how this is going to work.  I'm going to list the options for this little guys name below and what you need to do is leave a comment with either the name and/or number of your choice.
Remember, there's some cool prizes to be won too, so make sure you vote by Midnight, April 14th!  I'll post the winning name and the person who nominated it tomorrow afternoon!
The Prizes:
1. Obviously, the puppy's forever gratitude, especially if it's a really, super, duper, cool name!
2. An ARC of Prophecy of Love (When it's available - we're still in content edits so after this, I should be able to start sending it out, but just think, you'll be the first to have one yeah?)

3. A mention in the dedication of my next book.  Just FYI, I'm working on a shifter series but more to come on that later.

4. A character named for you and your choice of puppy names (IE: You'll get a human - Male/Female your choice and His/Her pet will get the puppy's new name...We'll collaborate a bit on this one as I get deeper into the Shifter Series.)
5. Just because I'm cool like this, I'm gonna throw in a $15 GC to Amazon or B&N, your choice. 
And the Nominees Are:
Now, I was going to pick only three, but there are some really awesome choices, so I'm actually going to pick five from those submitted:
1. Roo & and full version Romperoo (Since this seems to be the consensus so far and he does flop around a lot!!)
2. Paradox (Just because I'm weird like that!)
3. Maximillian (Because it's a very manly name and when he sits, his front paws are sort of bowed)
4. Gunny (I've said, I love the Military, and always liked Gunny, *grins*.)
5. Bandit (The harness does sort of look like a bandana and he's sneaky sometimes...*grins*)
So, there you go folks.  You have all day to make your choice and I'll announce the winner(s) in the morning, so be sure to stop back by and have a look!
As always, thanks so very much for stopping by and you have my thanks for helping me choose what to name the darling.  No, really, you do!  The response has been phenomenal!!!!!
Until tomorrow,
Margaret Taylor


  1. Roo~ I love that and it's easy to remember, yell and laugh with!


  2. Roo! Just look at him - he wants to hop :)

  3. I still love Maxamilian. After all, a small dog should have a large name.

  4. I'm liking Roo. It's unique and seems to fit his personality.

  5. I'm adding this vote for one of my readers. She sent it to me via email:


    I tried to leave a comment but I couldn't get it to just accept my name, since I don't have a blog or journal and I didn't see an "Anonymous" option. But what a cute little guy your puppy is! I think he'd make a great "Gunny" so that name has my vote!

    All the best,

    Sue V.

  6. I definitely like Gunny. It's manly while still being a diminutive.

  7. Even though I suggested Paradox, I actually like Roo better (go figure), but I agree with Calisa -- NOT Romperoo. It makes me think of Miss Marcia and Romper Room!

  8. I like Roo. I think that's so cute for such a cute little jumpy guy.

  9. I'm all for the militant side of things... gitta choose Gunny. All the gunnies I know are small with a loud bark and a hell of an attitude and energy to back it up! :)

    Love you sis!!