Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some fun stuff happened today...

Ok, so my day today...

New phone? Check - EEEEKKKK...I've broken down and joined all you techno-heads and got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2...everyone run for the hillllssssss...

Do I know half of what it does yet? Not a clue! For all I know it washes the bloody dishes...*crosses fingers and hopes and dreams that's the case cause she hates dishes...*

New round of Paperbacks ordered? Check! (Just a weensy bit excited about that cause now I'm gonna have FOUR of my six available books in PB and ready for some super, duper secret type stuffs! *nod nod*)

New Bookmarks designed by the totally AWESOME Bailey Hunter ordered? Check! (Again, just a weensy bit excited about *that* too!)

 All other bills paid? Check!

The Seer - Book 1 of the Shadowcon Series uploaded? Wellll...not quite. Had to tweak the cover just a smidge, but it'll be soon...hopefully tomorrow, cause that's all we're waiting on! *nod nod* Everything else is ready...blurb is written, thanks to the totally AWESOME Monica Schroeder, who helped me with tweaking; Book is formatted thanks to the equally AWESOME Grace Coronado, so it's just awaiting the cover...

All in all, a productive day I'm thinkin'...

Now, come on, spill, what did you do today? Anything fun? Interesting? Hmmm? Inquiring minds wanna know ya know!
Thanks as always for stopping by...
Until next time!
Margaret Taylor


  1. Lol so awesome to see someone so happy and bouncy on a blog - glad you had such a great day! Sara

    1. Why thank you Sara, it was a good day! :D Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You know, when you first posted this, I didn't take the time to read it like I should have... (You can spank me later, if you can catch me, that is! :) ) But now that I look at the picture of the phone you have, I have to laugh... we have the exact same case! ROFLMAO

    Now... why am I NOT surprised???

    Love you sis!