Monday, January 13, 2014

Time to Vote Folks...

Ok, I apologize for being late on this but I got the Flu on Friday and have been down, feeling like death warmed over on an unsalted saltine cracker ever since!

But, that doesn't excuse my duties as new mommy...

Anyway, just a few moments ago I wrote down all the names that had been submitted in the previous post and one by one called them out toward the new puppy.

She responded the most to:

Snow Storm (Snow for short)

Natasha (Tasha for short)

Godiva (nothing to shorten it to)


Her Exulted High Ladyship Lucky of the Silver Way (Lucky for short)

Now, personally, I'm partial to Her Exulted High Ladyship, but I'm weird like that.

But, I will let the people speak. So, post in a comment below your choice from among the three.

And because I'm late and still not feeling at all like myself, I'm going to leave this open until Wednesday at 8 pm CST to give everyone a chance to have their say.

The little one is anxiously awaiting her name folks. So, speak out, comment, share and make your voice heard!!!!

Until Wednesday.

Thanks as always for stopping by.


PS: Don't forget about all the cool prizes to be had. You'll find them in this post here:


  1. I like Snow Storm... after all, you got her during that horrible storm! :)

  2. Her Exulted High Ladyship Lucky of the Silver Way (Lucky for short)

  3. Where did you get this baby? She's adorable, but if you got her from a shelter, she should be called Lucky for getting a good home. She's so cute. What about Patches since she has the black patch over her eye. I bet she has more spots, too.

  4. I think snow storm is a brilliant name.......

  5. Go Diva....wait, oh it's Lady Godiva LOL That one could work. She is naked under all that hair. Natasha reminds me of a Russian winter...or Rocky and Bullwinkle "Boris, how are we going to steal car from moose and squirrel?" Her Exulted High Ladyship Lucky of the Silver Way (Lucky for short) - How about Her Exulted High Lady of the Silver Way (Lady for short) I'm a firm believer against naming any animal Lucky. Seems to me Lucky's aren't always lucky, but that's just me. I don't like to fly in the face of the fates. Snow Storm - Snowy, Snow, Stormy, Storm any of those could be nicknames so it's very versatile. Hmmmm....seems I was no help a'tall. :-/

  6. Snow Storm but think of all the alternates for that name to become a nic.

  7. Well, I have to vote for Lucky (and her long name) because it was my suggestion.


  8. Snow Storm, but I like Lady Godiva too!