Friday, November 22, 2013

So, here we go...

This is it folks! I did it!

As promised, the epic story of Jake and Janel continues...finally...and Saving His Love, Book 2 of The Spi-Corp Series is now live and in living color!

That's right folks, you can now FINALLY find out what happens...*please, kindly insert an evil cackle...*
Book 2 of The Spi-Corp Series

Now, I want you to understand, this book, like the first, deals with some pretty rough subjects. Torture, drug induced Psychosis, all sorts of mayhem and destruction. So, just be prepared.
And of course you get to meet a whole host of fun, new characters along the way too...*again, please, kindly insert an evil cackle here...thank you!*
Now, with Book 2 out in the world, it's time to move on to Book 3, Retrieving His Heart. I won't bore you with the story, but if you pick up Book 2, you'll get an exclusive sneak peek at it. Since my schedule was pushed back (see my last blog post if you don't believe me), I'll just say I'm projecting it to be ready either shortly before the New Year or early January at the latest. I'll keep you posted.
And now we can move on to the more pressing matters, the real reason I know you all stop by here. No, no, it's ok. I know you don't stop by for teasers, or excerpts, or hot men, you really come by for the contests...*sniffles...holds up a hand...* It's ok, I understand and don't hold it against you.
Anyway, to catch up...
Let's start with the swag packs and gift cards I had up back in August. I'm sorry this is so late, but yeah, blame my car! (again, see the last blog post...) But, still, I'll accept slaps on the hand for getting so far behind on this.
The first $10 Amazon or B&N Gift Card goes to: Samantha Alvey
The first signed Swag Pack goes to: Missy Morrison Goodsell
The second $10 Amazon or B&N Gift Card goes to: Linda Alcorn-Burg
And the second signed Swag Pack goes to: Joe Hawk
Congratulations to all of you and again I am so sorry for the delay! Send your email and/or mailing address to: and I'll get your prizes out to you ASAP!!!!
Then we had the Fall Into Romance Blog Hop.

Winners choice between, The Devil Drinks Coffee, One of the The Rylee Adamson Series, One of the Legend of Regia Books or The Crossroads Saga is: Emily Wells
An eBook copy of A First Love Never Dies is: dv8 
and the Swag Pack goes to: Donna Simmonds
Again, send your email and/or snail mail to: and I'll get your prizes out to you ASAP as well!
So, that catches us up on the prizes and such and just because I love you guys, no, no, I really do, I'm going to put Book 1, A First Love Never Dies on Sale. Beginning Wednesday, November 27, it'll be .99 and that sale will run through the weekend. So, if you're looking for a fast, fun read while the Alpha Man watches the bowl games, be sure to pick up your copy then!
Until next time,
Thanks as always for stopping by.

Margaret Taylor

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  1. AND if that weird dream I had last night, which had your signature written all over it, was any indication of the plot ideas you've got running through your fertile imagination....*sigh*...we're in for a roller coaster ride with the next book. Again I feel I must point out the two facts I outlined in the email I sent you this morning...chicken wire and heavy tarp over it all does NOT work!