Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Shenanigans

So, it's that time of the week ladies and gents...

It's another episode of Sunday Shenanigans!!!! Yes, that's right, it's the time of the week that I catch you up on stuffs and have some fun while we're at it.

Let's get started then, shall we?

First off, here's a fun little tidbit of info...

A First Love Never Dies got itself nominated in the 2013 Novel Grounds Literary Awards for the Best Romance! Can you believe it?


Yeah, neither could I. I'm up against some stiff competition though so I have no expectations of winning, but still, it's fun to be nominated, so thank you! From the bottom of my heart! No, really, I mean that!!!

Now, head on over and cast your vote in all the categories. They've got some good ones too and some fabulous Authors in them. We work so hard to put ourselves out there, so show some love and click!

Next up, today, I released my latest, Love's Prophecy

Here's the blurb, cause I know your dying to find out more, right?
An Ancient Prophecy could change the World…

Marla Cortside has been a Witch all her life. As the Leader of Coven Seven, she’s fought evil at every turn and saved humanity too many times to count. And until she starts dreaming of a man being tortured, the job has never touched her personally. She’s always managed to keep evil and it’s minions at arm’s length. But the day she meets Austin Tygris and discovers his role in a world-altering Prophecy, all of that changes.

From the beginning, Atlanta Police Detective Austin Tygris would never have believed a Witch could help him find his missing twin, Max. He’s grounded in reality and knows the only way to save his brother is through good, old-fashioned hard work. But that’s failed him for the last seven months and with nothing left to lose, he turns to Marla and her Coven for help…

An Ancient Prophecy speaks of a set of Twins with enough power to alter the balance between good and evil and the Witch who will have to choose between them. Can Marla decide the Fate of the world or will her love allow Evil to gain the foothold it’s always wanted?

Find out for yourself in Love’s Prophecy…

And then finally the long awaited Book 2 of the Spi-Corp Series should be live sometime Tuesday, Sept 3rd! Yes, that's right, you heard it hear first folks! You'll finally get to find out what happened...*wicked grin*

So, stay tuned for more details!!!!

Oh, and let's do something fun this week!
For your chance to win a copy of Love's Prophecy, leave me a comment and answer me this:
Name your favorite witch or warlock, good or bad doesn't matter and if you had the ability to cast a spell, what would you cast and why! I'll two lucky winners on Tuesday for your very own copy of my latest release!
Good luck and happy casting...*winks*
Until next time.
Thanks as always for stopping by.

Margaret Taylor

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