Sunday, May 5, 2013

A nice, lazy Sunday...Oh, and a Cover for your enjoyment...

I'm sorry I haven't posted something here in awhile - other than a few guest spots over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd give all my lovely, faithful peoples a sneak peek of why.

As I said on my alternate personalities blog, time really is a Monster for me.  I don't have a lot of it.  And when a project consumes me as this one has over the last couple of weeks, I tend to fill this with other things.  Like guest spots, new releases for my fellow authors and so on. (By the way, thank you Ladies, Ana and Heather, for being here.  You are both fabulous!)

Anyhoo, today, before I get going on some edits for another MS waiting in the wings, I'm going to reveal the cover for my new Indie work, Wolf's Paradox.  This is Book 1 of the Layren Series which I hope to release in early/mid June...

So, without further Ado, I give you,

BAM!  Ladies, meet Ronon.  He's a Layren from Nanturan who's currently on our world - Earth - protecting his Karista, Kathy.

And because all my lovelies have been so nice and continue to visit my poor little corner of the Blog-o-verse, I'm also going to give you a very tender moment from the book - one that still makes even me go awwwww *sniffs*...

I do so hope you enjoy it!


I gulped, hard.  This couldn’t be right!  It just couldn’t.  It’s what I've always wanted, since the night of my dream, but it was too good to be true.  There had to be a catch. 
His lips crept closer to mine, just a hairs breathe away and I wanted more than anything to shift that last millimeter and, and, and…
I stopped myself and pressed a hand against his shoulder.  “Put, me, down.”
He jerked as if I’d slapped him and slowly lowered the arm under my knees.  I did note that he kept the other around my back, presumably to keep me upright.  I’m glad he did, because my legs didn’t want to hold me.  They shook and I hated them for it.
“What is wrong?” he croaked around a growl.
I took a moment to gather my strength and, regretfully, shifted back a step.  I needed distance to think clearly and pressed against his rock hard chest definitely didn’t allow me to do that.  “There’s more.  Explain,” I managed to say.
He sighed, roughly and the stoniness of his face cracked again.  “I have broken several Covenants already, so what’s one more.”  His free hand came up and cupped tenderly around my cheek.  “I am not allowed to love you Karista,” he whispered raggedly.  “It goes against everything I was raised to live with.”  His throat worked.  “We are trained, from the time we are a cublet, to hate you.  The Founders fear your power and if we find you, we are supposed to bring you back to them.”
Ha!  I knew it!  I put another step of distance between us.  My heart pounded, my shoulder throbbed and my gut twisted into a hard knot.  “So, why haven’t you?”
I wasn’t really sure I wanted to know the answer to that one.  I could guess at it given his statement from a moment ago, but at the same time, something in me needed to hear him say it.
His thumb roamed slowly down my cheek then grazed a fire-laden path across my lower lip.  “Because, I would sooner die than see you torn apart by them.”


So, there you are that not an awww moment? *grins*

Thanks, as always for stopping by my little corner. I'll see you very soon with more details on the official release date.

Until then,

Margaret Taylor.


  1. That is a very Awwww moment. I really like him. Tweeted.

    1. I know right Ms. Ella? Even I tear up when I read that part...:D

      Thanks for stopping by, as always, and tweeting! You're the very best!

  2. What a wonderful cover! All the best!

    1. Thanks Ms. Mel. Carey Abbott of did it for me! If you're Indie and looking for awesome covers at reasonable rates, check her out. She's very nice too!

  3. Replies
    1. Why thank you Ms. D'Ann! As I said, Carey is fantastic with the covers! I just <3 her!

  4. A bit late in the day here Margaret but I did love your awww moment. Sweet and that is a great cover.

    1. Thanks so much Ms. CK! Your visits are always welcome. Glad you liked the excerpt. It was a touching moment to write for sure.

  5. I like it and I don't even read these kinds of books! Good job and great cover!

    1. Why thank you Alexa! I have to give credit for the cover though to Ms. Carey Abbott of She's the genius behind it! *nods* No, really, she is! Check her out if you need one for yourself and I hope you'll pick up Wolf's Paradox once it's out.