Friday, February 22, 2013

News From the Front...

So, I have news, just like the title said...

Remember the Pitch Day Contest?

I do. 

Not 10 minutes ago, I got the following email from the lovely, wonderful, totally awesome Piper Denna of Lyrical Press regarding my work, Prophecy of Love.

Hi Margaret,

I have news...

Since I'm sooo swamped with requested material to read, and since I am honestly not much of an expert on paranormal romance, I did share your submission. One of my fabulous junior editors, Paige Christian, has asked that we contract the book so she can work on it.

I've requested a contract be sent to you...
Have a great weekend!

Is she kidding?  Of course I'm gonna have a great weekend!  Now!
Oh, comes the hard part though, right?  *hangs head*  The answer to that question is going to be a resounding YES! 
For the next however long it's going to take, I'm going to be hip dip in edits, edits, and more edits!  Oy Vey!  Here we go...
I'm sure Paige is wonderful but I hate the "red pen", I really do.  I know it's a necessary evil, I do.  I'm not perfect, I admit that.  Even the best sellers of us have editors to tear apart the work we put our blood, sweat and tears into...but, but, but...*whimper, sob*
It's the red pen...*cringes*
So, Paige, if you're reading this, gentle...*whimper*  I promise I'll be good!  I'll bake you cookies...and pasta...and meatballs...and...and...
Ok, I know, I know, bribery, flattery and food will only get you so far, but it's worth a shot, right?
Anyway, all kidding aside, I'm shaking here.  So excited!  Even though I know the release is months away and I'll be pulling my hair out long before it's said and done, I'm going to take just a few moments and celebrate...
With a cookie!
Until then,
Thanks as always for stopping by.

Margaret Taylor



  1. Congrats! Don't fear the red pen. Just introduce it a nice ball point and they will raise their little erasable pens. :)

    Congrats again and all the best!

  2. Thanks Ms. Kitty and Melissa! I'll have to stock up on Ball Points I'm thinking! *adds to shopping list*

  3. Contratulations! Consider this a nice learning experience. I certainly am (since I also pitched to them and also received a contract). 2013 is a good year, isn't it?

    1. Congrats to you too Stacy! Yes, 2013 is starting out that way for sure!

  4. That's soooo cool! Congratulations!

    I pitched my debut in a contest and got a contract within days, too. :) Pitch contests do work. Just wish more publishers did them.


    1. Awesome Harlie! Congrats to you too my dear!

      I had never done one before, so I had no clue what to expect, or do, or say or well, anything! I've been a nervous wreck now for two weeks!

      Glad that part of it's over! Now I'm just gonna be nervous for the next six months until it's released!

      *sighs* Tis the Circle of an Author's Life I suppose!

  5. Woo hoo big congratulations! I understand the shaking. I had an online pitch session and I closed all the chat boxes when she asked for a partial. I had to email the coordinator and ask her for the information on what to send and where to send it. Good luck with the red pen I've never had the red pen but I'd love to have it. I'm really happy for you and hope you sell a million and one copies. :-)

  6. Thanks CK! Good luck to you too. Don't worry, you'll get a shot at the red pen! *waves hands dramatically* If you write it, they will come!!!!! :)

  7. Congratulations that's wonderful news! You'll survive edits and learn a lot to use on your next manuscript.

    1. Thank you Ms. Victoria!

      Don't know about surviving them, well, I might but can't promise I'll have any hair left by the time they're done!

      I hope to learn a lot. This will be my debut novel under this Pen Name, so I'm guessing getting this far means I'm doing something right!

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! (did you hear my squeal of delight all the way from my house to yours???)

    OMG... that is fabulous to hear! I love it... I love it... I love it!!!

    *does happy snoopy dance* See? I told you one day this would all work out for you! ;)

    YOU? Fear a RED PEN?? Oh please...

    I remember the red pen you 'feared' in high school... Remember all those A-, A, A+ marks on your english papers?? Wasn't it Ms. Jones that LOVED her red pen??

    This surely can't be that bad... right?

    Right!! :)

    Fear the red pen my big toe... LOL *hugs* I love you sissy bug! and I am forever and eternally happy for you... (and before you ask, NO, I haven't forgotten my own story, I'm letting it... um... Simmer... yeah... that's it)

    Love you!


    1. Thank you dearest sister!

      And no, I did not say I *feared* the red pen! I just don't like it!

      Mom and Ms. Jones gave me that!

      And no simmering missy! Nope, not gonna let you let it! So, write, write write woman! Now!

  9. Replies
    1. Oh thank you thank you Ms. Amber! I am super excited for sure!

  10. Hurray! I just finished revisions, so take a deep breath, read the revisions, think for a day, and then go to it! You can do it!

    1. Thanks Terry! I'll remember that when they come in! *eyes inbox...taps foot...waits* :D

  11. Woohoo!! Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel, heart racing and thumping so hard your hands shake. I dreaded revisions, but ended up loving them. I'm so happy for you!!!!

    1. Thanks Ms. Ella! I'm super excited, still, even a day later! *laughs*

  12. Congratulations!! Don't fear the red completed your novel and they liked it!! The red pen's the easy part now, right? I'm so excited for you!!

    1. It should be the easy part, yes. But...when you grow up with a mother who was a Professor of English Lit for 30+ years...not so much!

      Maybe she'll, or a nice soothing green! Yeah, hey all you editors...Blue or Green for corrections yeah? Please? Pretty Please? I'll give you cookies!!!!!